Get ready to enjoy the new generation of state-of-the-art
KXone Kayaks, showcasing technological progress in kayak construction.

The first unique patented “Dropstitch” kayaks are making their triumphant entrance! KXone Kayaks are noticeably lighter than previously available inflatable kayaks. Once inflated, they are extremely rigid – comparable to hardshell products.
In the water, too, the KXones can completely match their hardshell competitors in both speed and maneuverability. But the KXones’ greatest advantages are that you can simply deflate them and stuff them in the trunk of your car and that they are made of an innovative durable material. And of course, you no longer need to heave a heavy object onto the roof of your car.
The new inflatable kayaks even save you gas!
Unlike with other kayaks, the KXone Kayaks’ new inflation technology means that the kayaks are ready to go in just a few minutes. Comfortable, well-designed ergonomically “smart” seats significantly increase your paddling comfort while.
As one of the world’s largest producers of water sports products, Woosung has a long tradition of pursuing innovative technology. Its new, rigid, light “Selytech©” Dropstitch material and a new high-quality, high-performance glue are the results of a seven-year development effort. Together they meet the requirements of the world market leader for inflatable water sports equipment. Under the KXone label Woosung is also marketing a new generation of life vests to be used with kayaks and SUP boards. We wish to thank you and also at this time to congratulate you if, after reading this informative brochure, you decide for KXone.

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KXone Europe Exhibitions

21. - 29.01.2017 BOOT Duesseldorf World of Paddling Hall13 A77

05. - 08.02.2017 ISPO Munich Water Sports Village A6

15. - 19.02.2017 Reise Camping Esssen Hall 5

26. - 03.09.2017 Caravan Salon Duesseldorf Hall 5

19. - 21.09.2017 Paddle Expo Nürnberg

23. - 01.10.2017 Interboot Friedrichshafen

06. - 15.01.2017 London Boat Show GB

21. - 26.02.2017 Caravan Birmingham GB

29.04. - 01.05.2017 Jersey Boat Show GB

02. - 04.06.2017 Beale Park Thames Boat Show GB


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