The Slider is the first inflatable kayak to be constructed entirely of SELYTECH® dropstitch fabric, giving it distinct advantages over traditional inflatable kayaks.

The dropstitch sides create a narrower profile that paddles easier and faster, and also provides more inside space for gear. The open configuration allows full access to all spaces and makes it easier to get back on board after a spill. V-shaped dropstitch inflatable sides create side chines to make this kayak track straighter and go faster with less effort. They also provide secondary stability.

The Slider features a unique molded V-shaped form underneath both bow and stern, giving several important benefits: A sharp entry and clean exit, for better tracking and more efficient paddling.

A longer waterline, improving speed and ease of paddling. Ability to cut through and ride over waves, giving you hard-shell kayak performance and experience in an inflatable kayak. Self-bailing drain valves allow water to drain out easily when the kayak is out of the water. Ample and comfortable for one person (SLD350) , two persons (SLD410) or the extra long Version (SLD485) plus plenty of gear. Discover the Slider difference for yourself. 

The Slider is designed for use on rivers, whitewater, and lakes, and for sea kayaking.


• Tough, durable, compact, and lightweight, with great maneuverability and excellent stability.
• Surpass the speed of a hard-shell kayak yet enjoy easy portability.
• Side chambers and bottom floor made of Advanced SELYTECH© DS (dropstitch) fabric for superior strength, high-pressure inflation, durability, and abrasion resistance.
• Molded V-shaped form under bow and stern made of rigid, durable material, for better tracking, easier paddling, and greater speed.
• Adjustable seats provide excellent back support and comfort.
• Multiple D-rings on the SLD410 and SLD485 allow seat adjustments for one or two persons.
• Deluxe replaceable H3 high-pressure valves are reliable and airtight.
• Detachable large skeg keeps kayak on a straight track while paddling.
• Large screw-type drain valves allow for fast, easy draining of the kayak and are easy to open and close.
• Unique ultralight, universal design for all ages.

slider350 side s




KXone at German Exhibitions 2016

07.-09.10   PADDLEexpo
29.10-06.11   Hanseboot Hamburg
23.-27. 11.   Boot Fun Berlin
05.-08.01.2017   Phuket Boat Show


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